Know Thyself (Continued…)

If you read my last post, then you can probably tell I am in one of the intense periods of figuring out my life purpose. I came across an amazing blog ( by Misty Sansom. She has a quiz on there that is incredible, and helps you determine your Life Purpose Profile. I am a Dreamer. Would have never thought this about myself, but once I read it…wow. Totally me. And her site…gold! “You have the potential to create an impact on the world. You have something unique to offer; something only you can do”. Misty’s life purpose is helping the rest of us figure out what our life purpose is. Look at that! Amazing. Synchronicity at it’s best. When you are ready, the universe helps you! I have been ready for four decades, and I am positive the universe has tried and tried again and again to share clues. I know God and Angels have tried to put clues in front of my face. But maybe I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. Or maybe I am just very dense. Even though I suck at putting the clues together, I am 100% positive the Universe has tried to tell me. I can literally feel the Universe trying to speak to me, and I can see myself blocking my own understanding.

In Steve Pavlina’s blog ( he mentions that we may fear our own potential. We may fear what we are capable of. We may fear the responsibility that comes with becoming fully realized in our life purpose. And when I read this, it completely resonated with me. When I was younger I was so gung-ho about going full steam ahead and screaming at the top of my lungs that I was going to conquer the world making everyone aware of whatever I thought my life purpose was. I was loud. I was obnoxious. Over the years, not sure if I have become disillusioned or just matured. But I have become painfully aware that people don’t care to listen to me as much as I thought they did. So little by little I have become so much quieter. I no longer offer opinions. Before, I was the first one to offer every opinion that I KNEW you would benefit from. I learned to quiet down, to be small, to stop communicating and I stopped helping people. I felt used. I felt like all my efforts to help others fell on deaf ears. Or worse, that in helping others I lost a little (or a lot) of myself, or that instead of seeing my words as helpful, people felt attacked, which was never my intention. So I pulled back. The responsibility of helping people felt overwhelming.  So I stopped. I convinced myself that my Life Purpose must be very different than what I thought, and showing people their potential (which I can clearly see) was not my Life Purpose.

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