Intuition…Trying to Connect the Dots

Wow Misty Sansom is on point again! If you have not checked out her beautiful site, you are missing out. Not only is her information right on point, but it is an aesthetically beautiful site and her emails are just as pretty. It is a pleasure to receive them. Plus she gives you a heads up of what her next email will be, and keeps all emails short and to the point, and oh so ever useful! But I digress.

Yesterday I read her email about “12 Ways to Develop Your Intuition”. So today, I decided to just listen to my intuition as she explains, and allow it to take me to wherever it wants. Something I have done many times in the past, but lately have not really been paying attention to as much. My intuition brought me to my local Panera. So here I am.

I had breakfast, and opened my laptop to start writing something. I have her list of 12 Ways opened on my phone to the first page, which says INTUITION really big. As I look up to begin typing, there is a large glass door in front of my table, and through the 2nd Glass (which is the glass that literally is what I see when I look up, I don’t even need to tilt my head), I see a man sitting at a table, with his back towards me, outside. Who is this man you ask? Well…he is a psychic medium that lives in my area. I follow him on Instagram and went to a group reading of his in 2017. He is a Spirit Channeler!

I make a big deal about what chair he was sitting in, because as soon as the person he was waiting for arrived, he moved over to another table, that was large enough to fit his party. The one he was sitting at was too small, but he was still sitting there. Once he moved, yes I could probably have seen him, but it would not have been as obvious to me or incredible that I read “Intuition” and literally looked up and he was there. Also, when I got here, as soon as I picked up my coffee, I sat down in a different area of the restaurant, but it didn’t “feel” like the right spot. Since I am working on allowing myself to be guided, I got up and went to sit elsewhere. I put my stuff down. But thought back to the moment I felt the need to come to Panera and in that moment I envisioned a seat. So I went without my stuff to see if that seat was available (on the other side of where I was), and it was. Sort of. Its three tables sharing a bench. The two tables were taken by one older gentleman, but the corner was available. Normally I would not have bothered. But… I brought my stuff. And here we are. Wow. In the other seats I would not have seen the medium. I am trying to get in touch with my spirit guides. And here, right in front of me, on my quest, is a guy that literally channels spirit guides!

WOW. I tried willing him to turn around and tried willing his spirit guides to make him come give me a reading but no luck so far. No worries. Just seeing him in this moment was an amazing affirmation that my spirit guides are trying super hard to get through to me and I am ever so grateful. Thank you!

I remember when I went to a Tango Class once. I am a stubborn, hard headed human being. When a man tried dancing with me, he mentioned to me how impossible it was for him to lead me because I just refused to allow myself to be lead. I kept resisting his lead, which is what made me such a terrible dancer. That memory just popped into my head when I was writing the paragraph above. Maybe that is why I am having such a hard time figuring out my life purpose and communicating with my spirit guides. I am probably standing in my own way by resisting.

I am 100% sure that God and spirit guides and maybe ascended masters or angels or guardian angels, or the universe are completely on my side and helping me along the way, always. I can feel them always. I look back at things that have happened and there is no way they were not involved and I am ALWAYS so incredibly grateful that they are there and that I am never ever alone. However, it is something that I do not control in any way because I don’t fully know how it works or how to make it work on demand sort of speak. I also know that I don’t listen to them all the time, and I so wish I would learn to listen and to communicate with them. Goals for 2018 in full effect.


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