Communication Is Not Easy

There are moments in life when you feel like everything is blurry and everything is called into question. When you cannot see the past or the future or where you are standing. Even if just before these moments you felt completely sure about everything, once the moment hits, chaos ensues. The goal would be to control emotions and be calm. But unfortunately that is not always what we do. Sometimes, in these moments, I turn to Oracle Cards. They often reveal truths that are uncanny. Or make me think of these moments in a different way. Balance is often gone in these moments, but…sometimes, these cards bring some balance back to the equation.

Yesterday I pulled a card that really helped me see things in a different way that I had not considered while in the chaos of emotions. So thought I would pull another today to see what came up. I shuffled the cards and split the deck leaving a top card I would pull once I got to this part of the post. Here we go…

The Pink Rose of Lady Nada” from the Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild:

“You are in the midst of a heart healing – healing of the fears and anxieties that have held you back from enjoying your full magnificence. Lady Nada is here with all her gentle power, washing you in soft pink light. All anger, fear, sadness, bitterness, disappointment and hurt are soothed and loved into peace. She brings you a sign of your future blossoming into deeper love.”

Wow…so far, this could not possibly be more accurate. Amazing. Let’s continue…

“The Pink Rose of Lady Nada is a spiritual gift from higher guidance. It brings love, healing, strength and compassion to your heart. You may be burnt out, or feeling anger, fear, depression, chronic fatigue or compromised wellness. Perhaps your heart is so tired that you struggle with ‘compassion fatigue’, finding it difficult to care, even though your nature is one of deep compassion and kindness…”

Oh wow. I composed exactly this “thought” in my head 2 days ago, but I never put it into words quite like this. “Compassion Fatigue” is EXACTLY what I am feeling. Once again, the cards have shed light on something that I was feeling but didn’t know how to make sense of. I don’t know how cards work, but I do know that for me, they often resonate. I don’t pull cards often. When I feel completely confused and the thought of pulling a card pops into my head, then I do it. But often it doesn’t occur to me to pull a card. It’s pretty random, but when it happens it is pretty amazing.






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