Love is the secret ingredient that makes things exceptional. It truly is the only thing that can elevate absolutely anything. When you truly love, the possibilities are endless. It applies to absolutely everything. I know that having a passion for something is always talked about. But at the core of that passion is love. You can get your nails done by 10 different nail professionals. But the one nail professional that feels love for her art, for the finished product, for herself, or for any part of the process will produce a set of nails that is just above and beyond everyone else. Some may practice a lot, or have been doing it for years, but if they don’t truly love some aspect of the process, the end result will never be exceptional. I use this just as an example, to show that truly, anything and everything can be taken to another level once the secret ingredient is sprinkled on…LOVE.

This is a fascination of mine. Over the years I have become quite skilled at identifying this secret ingredient in absolutely everything and in everyone. I can look past the facade and see if the secret ingredient is there or not. What I have learned is that it doesn’t have to be there in the most obvious of ways, but it is definitely there somewhere when something is exceptional. This is without exception. Love is at the core of all greatness. Love is not always logical. But it is always right. The big problem I think is that people recognize it’s there somewhere, but it’s not always the way we think. Over the years, I have also become very good at identifying when the Love is just not there, and it is always sad because in it’s place, often there is fear, indifference, insecurity or a feeling of separateness. When you look into someone’s eyes, it’s like looking into their soul and often there…that is where you can see whether there is Love.

Self reflection has not helped me identify how to get the Love to actually be included as a secret ingredient, on purpose, or intentionally. It’s not that simple. But I can look at photos of myself throughout the years and I can look at my eyes and know whether I had it in me or not. I can take a look at projects or work I have done and I can see whether there was Love in these or not. I can also feel inside me now, whether I am doing things with Love or not. But I don’t actually know how to force it…probably because Love is not something you can make happen. I feel like it is there or it is not, and what we need to learn to do is identify where there is Love and go there. And once there is Love, I don’t think that goes away. It may change its shape, it may flow differently, but true, real Love, runs deep and it is hard to lose it. If it gets lost, it either was never there to begin with, or it has flowed, reshaped itself as it needed to, and we may be unable to follow it and therefore we think it is lost.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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