Pinning Down My Life Purpose

I am still on this quest. I know many may feel that it is ridiculous to think that you were put on this earth for one specific purpose, and I respect that. Because it sounds logical and, overall, I think of myself as a logical person. Thinking that each and every human on the planet was put here for one specific purpose just does not sound logical. However, as far back as I can remember, and regardless of who I was throughout my life, I have always been completely convinced that I was put on this earth for a specific purpose. The older I get, the louder and stronger that feeling in the core of my soul gets. 

It is something that has never left me. Regardless of what I was doing, of who I was at the time, of what I felt, of what I was going through, of how old I was, of how educated I was, of how spiritual I was, of how happy I was, of how depressed I was, I have always felt complete confidence that I was put on this earth for a purpose. It’s not a feeling that I felt sometimes, or on occasion, or if I did something great. It’s a feeling that has been one of the only constants in my entire life.

Looking back, I can see that many choices I made, were because I thought this new thing was going to be my life purpose, or feelings I went with were there to guide me to my purpose. It is exhausting. I want to clarify that it’s not that I think I have any kind of super powers that I have not discovered yet or that I am more special than anyone else. Not at all. I truly think that every single human on this earth was put on this earth for a purpose.

As I have gotten older and read more and learned more, and observed more, I can honestly tell if someone is living their purpose or not. I explained a little bit about this on my Love post last week.  There are definitely times in my life where things have happened that truly have no logical explanation. I over analyze and overthink a lot. But there are times when I just don’t think at all, and I just flow. I go with my intuition even if it makes no sense, and in those moments, I can feel that I am closer and more aligned to my true purpose.

Something I have also learned (but don’t always remember), is that the more we try to understand something, the more we try to fix it, the more we obsess, the less the thing will work out how we want. However, if we disconnect, and let the universe do its thing, it is magical sometimes how quickly things often resolve themselves. Sometimes obsessing makes us miss what is right in front of us. There are so many popular sayings that have existed forever, that when you analyze them, are full of wisdom and are not just old school thoughts.

Earlier this week I was obsessing again about what could possibly be my purpose, what job I could do that would help me serve my purpose. To me, when it is the ideal job for you, it flows, things work out, it takes hard work but it is not difficult because the resources you need, the motivation you need, the clients you need, it is all there for you to help you. I also read a post on here a couple of weeks ago about being an entrepreneur (on Journal of Dawn ‘s blog) that truly resonated with me (I have had my own business for the past 10 years).

This week I was thinking back to  each job I had over the last 25 years and what I liked about each, to see if I could string together what my purpose was (I do this often, it’s exhausting, but I cannot help myself). And as if a light turned on in my head, I thought “this thing you do now, and have done for the past 10 years” has been the easiest and the most illogical thing you have ever done, but it works. Maybe this IS my life purpose and I have been doing it for 10 years without realizing it.

Pardon me while I go overthink this and write pages and pages and pages (offline, no worries) of why this thing I have done for 10 years might be what I was put on this earth to do.

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