Lately I feel like I have been on a fast moving train or on one of those super fast elevators. Once you get off of either of those, you look around and can’t believe how much you have traveled without losing any time at all. You look back and two seconds ago you were somewhere completely different. Not sure if everyone feels this or if I have been living under a rock and just suddenly climbed out all by myself. Lately I have met some milestones like 10 years in my current profession. Or I have seen a headline that something happened 9 years ago, when in my head it happened last year. Or I see kids that were babies last week turning 8 years old. My Air Conditioner is from 2006, which I have always been clear about because it was an ordeal to get it replaced and in my head, I always think I have a “brand new” Air Conditioner…but doing the numbers…it is currently 12 years old! I look at pictures of myself and think I look the same but then I do the math and I am floored that the picture I am looking at was taken 18 years ago.

I know I am old. Maybe once we become old, time goes into warp speed. But it just feels so strange lately. I truly feel like I have woken up from a very long slumber. Like I was watching a movie about my life but not actually living in it. Don’t get me wrong, I have lived my life. I know I have. I remember things I did. I quit my corporate job 13 years ago to pursue a life where I could do things I wanted, spend time with people I loved, travel to anywhere at any time. I have been doing that. For 13 years apparently (oh wow…just writing that down seems strange!) How is it that time goes by so inexplicably fast. I have been aware that sleeping through life is not the way to live it. I have not lived inside a cubicle for 13 years like most people that I feared turning into. On a daily basis, for my whole life I have made an effort to be present, to live my life the way I wanted and on my terms. I have actually done that. Yet, here I am. Feeling like I have been asleep for the last 41 years.

Why? What is this weird time warp I seem to be in? So strange.

2 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Bob, I think you are right. Every few years I feel like I become a completely new me. And when I look back, I can’t believe the multiple me’s I have been..thank you for your comment. I truly enjoy reading your blog.


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