Looking back at this year, I am so thankful. Not sure if maybe rectifying a family relationship that was broken helped, but I am so thankful for the abundance I tapped into this year. I feel that abundance is always available to all of us. I think that, sometimes, we get in our own way (I get in my own way at least). Or go about it the wrong way. This year I wrote down a list of clients and an estimated amount per transaction for each client, something I have not done in approximately 7 years. I just wrote it on a wipe-off board, mainly to not forget about these clients that asked me for help. I tend to get forgetful when depression sets in. I honestly did not do much to keep in touch with these clients, but I did keep their names on that board, and it was magical how properties popped up for each of them…it was a little eerie. As soon as I closed one, another would call me to follow up and it wasn’t until I had done a few that I realized it was happening in the same order as the list I had written (when I originally wrote the names, I just wrote them as they came to mind, not in any particular order).

In the past, my most successful years have always been when I have felt good, and felt connected and aligned. This year I didn’t feel great most of the time, but I did feel more connected than I have in a long time. I didn’t meditate as much as I was hoping to (not due to lack of time, but mainly because I just chose not to…inconsistency once again showing up in my behavior). For a few months I did walk on a regular basis at a park, which is always good for grounding and clearing. Not sure any of these things contributed, but I am grateful nonetheless. And I feel like manifesting is happening rapidly, and I just need to be more clear, like writing it down, so that the universe can help me achieve all that I am supposed to achieve.

Lack of clarity is a double edged sword to me. It’s good to be open to possibilities because we don’t know what the universe wants for us. But if we don’t put it out there clearly, I get the feeling that the universe looks at us in frustration because it is so ready to help us make our dreams come true. So much so that as soon as I wrote those names the universe was like “Yes! Finally! Here you go!”

Going into 2019, my hope is to continue to pursue alignment and growth into who I am supposed to be. My wish for everyone and for myself is for 2019 to provide us with all our heart is yearning for! #HappyNewYear


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