Spots of Joy

When thinking about happiness, a vision of shiny happy people may pop into most people’s heads. But over the years, life has shown me that the happiest looking people are usually the most sad. Most really good comedians have deep bouts with depression. Often people talk about someone that committed suicide unexpectedly as if they were the happiest people they knew. So smiling all the time is not a good sign of happiness in my opinion.

I am not sure that full time happiness is a thing to aspire to. Without contrast, I would not appreciate things as much. However, being able to spot joy in the ordinary can bring an immense amount of happiness in a compact moment. It can fill my heart up and just thinking back on that moment later, will also bring me happiness in the future.

Watching someone work really hard to learn something, then stepping in to lend some help in them learning the thing, and finally seeing them “get it” is something that brings me much joy, in that moment, and also later when I think back on that moment.

So maybe learning to spot joy, in little ways, throughout the day can be a good path to follow. And if you string together those spots of joy, overall, having more of those spots than unhappy spots probably helps tip the scale the right way.

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