Witchy Vibes

I love October. I love the season. It’s probably my favorite. I like the idea of leaves changing to beautiful colors and different shades of the same colors and then, one day, just falling off trees with no destination in mind. I feel like the leaves let the trees have some alone time, some rest, so they can gain strength again to come back in the Spring with more energy and zest for life. It’s not a dark time for me, it is a beautiful time of change. I love the idea of change. I have always thought that I love change. However, now that I am older I have come to realize that as much as I love change, I don’t really.

I have lived in the same home for 20+ years, still keep most of the furniture I bought the first day, I don’t like buying new clothes, I don’t like buying new things in general. I like the comfort of the familiar in my immediate surroundings. I don’t like when they stop making things I love using . I don’t like when new phones come out (death of the blackberry was hard, still miss it). But…once I am forced to make a change, I adapt. Seeing a new neighbor move in or out, or when the new TV season is announced (even though I watch very little TV), or when there are breaking news…I am so excited to see what has changed and what new things we will all be getting used to. Maybe that is why I like Fall. Once the leaves go away, the trees look different, but it’s still the same tree, which has been standing there way before I came to look at it and will hopefully stay in the same place for years to come, and eventually will repeat the cycle of the green and colorful leaves, over and over.

I love nature. I truly and deeply do. It is fascinating. I can stare at it (a tree, a sunset, a sunrise, a field, a river, an ocean) and it is endless wonder through and through. How it got here, how it is still here. It is beautiful. It is a constant that has seen so much change over the course of its life. Nature experiences change over and over again, yet its essence never changes. Maybe that is what I strive for. I know that we all change and become different versions of ourselves, but our essence remains. Not what we believed or who we thought we were, but our true essence. Our light or connection to the one source that created all of us. That is our true essence, and we are all exactly the same. Different color leaves, different temperature oceans, different landscapes, but we are all in essence, exactly the same.

Witchcraft is a deep love of nature and the ability  to see magic in places where most others do not — Anonymous

I remember reading a quote somewhere that said that we are the great-granddaughters of the witches they weren’t able to burn. And it made me think of all the fear that is in the eyes and the hearts of those who hate. But I also thought how their souls must feel so trapped, because souls don’t hate. Souls are light. Fear can bury that light so deep that it makes people think that dark souls exist. I don’t believe that. I think every single soul is made of light in its essence. Years of fear can dim that light so much that it seems like there is no way to get to the light again. Ego is fear magnified. There are some people that may never see the light in their souls, but that is why there are witches, who see the magic in places where most others do not. Just like the leaves falling off of a tree, watching fear fall off of a soul is the most magical of all.





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