Source Alignment

Feeling aligned to source is a magical experience. I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but once you are aligned you just know it. Life flows like a river and you get places with ease and things happen with ease, and nothing feels awkward and it just all flows effortlessly.

Your calendar is just perfect and things happen when they should. You can think of things and they appear. You ask for time with someone and the time they have available is just when you have a perfect spot on your calendar for them. Traveling is done with ease and if your luggage is lost by the airline, it is because it was best that you didn’t have luggage to get on the train and your luggage will be delivered right when you truly need it, to your front door.

You also flow into people’s lives when they could use your help or when you could use theirs. The weather is just perfect for your mood. When you want to be reflective or moody it is cloudy, when you need some sunshine the sun is out and there are no clouds. It is such a magical time. When I have been out of alignment it is frustrating, not only because I am out of alignment, but mostly because I don’t know what gets me in or out of alignment.

I know that meditating, grounding, and gratitude help in connecting with source, but sometimes I just fall out of alignment and I may not know how or why. I just know I need to align myself again, and don’t really know how to do it exactly. That is why I appreciate so much the times I am feeling that magic.

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