Children are the Key

I am not just talking about child abuse. That too is a huge problem. But I am talking about the everyday good natured upbringing that almost all parents are forcing on their children because they love them and think that what they are doing is the right thing. The damage parents’ cause has such a deep effect on this world. Telling a boy that his tears are ridiculous or telling a girl to do as she is told has such deep rooted effects that we are seeing the outcome in this world full of fear and full of ego.

Leading through love is not something that Humans are ready to embrace. The toxicity in this world which stems from adults stunting a child’s natural emotional growth by constantly interfering in what a child naturally feels and making them ashamed of what they feel and forcing them to pretend not to hurt or pretend not to feel joy or love however they feel it and forcing them to live up to ideals that were created by a broken society is what is causing this world to be so incredibly broken and full of fear. The few children that endure that indoctrination, but it just doesn’t work on them, are made to feel wrong or different and are quickly dismissed as being the ones that are broken when that is so completely the opposite. These angels on earth are what is right with the world and who we should be learning from and allowing to lead us.

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